This is me - Nils Bernerskog

This is how it all began...


In 1995 I watched a documentary about the earlier days of film making. The documentary was mainly focused on miniatures and the abcense of FX departments. Obviously, they talked about George Lucas (at that time) newly founded company Industrial Light & Magic, also known as ILM. They explained how they had to invent new techniques in order to have the best shots possible. They also needed a new way of thinking on how

miniatures were made.

As time went by, things started fiddling in my head; If they do it, then I want to try. I started assembling kits in a small scale, and after the interest and knowledge grew, the level of difficulty and sizes grew as well. I started to learn more and more about different techniques, different materials, kit bashing and visualizations. I always start with a kit, or parts from a kit and lots of scratch building, kit bashing and very often I add lights and elelectronics.


After a couple of years, I moved to a larger studio where I could work in a larger scale (which you will notice in the pictures), as well as start producing (for the models I finish) those black, acrylic mirror displays we all know.

This is where I´m still based as of today..


I have been commissioned by people from around the world, Japan, US, UK, Canada and

several countries in Europe.

In June-15, we launched this website to celebrate twenty years of model making, hopefully

towards twenty new ones.

So, sit back and enjoy, and please, feel free to contact me!


Nils Bernerskog, 2015-06-11

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